A Happy Environment

28 September 2015

Maria, a member of our admin team at Pembroke House, ponders over the benefits of working in a happy environment both inside and outside the office:

Here at the offices of Green and Co, when working at the reception desk, where for most of the day I’m glued to my computer, wading through emails, tasks, booking in accounts, and general administration work with my colleagues in the Client Care team sorting out whatever it takes to keep the office running smoothly, I have of late looked up and out of the window and realized how fortunate we are to be located at the edge of Llantarnam Park in a semi-rural location.

Our office is surrounded by extensive grounds containing trees, bushes, flower beds and grassed areas.  With this in mind it is surprising what wildlife we seem to attract; today it was squirrels running across the grass and up the trees, on another day we might be lucky to see rabbits bouncing about and running for cover if anyone spooks them! We see many different types and sizes of birds, from small colourful ones to birds of prey perched on the lamp posts looking down for a mouse or something similar to eat. I have even been told that in the summer an owl was seen in the grounds in the late evening.

We were for many years located at New Street in Pontnewydd which is only a few miles away and in a very small busy village, and we never had the pleasure of seeing anything nice out of those windows except for cars and buses and they were literally a few yards from the front desk!

We are also very lucky on nice summer days to be able to enjoy our lunch away from our work areas and the hustle and bustle of the office, sitting at the picnic benches in the grounds, and this is always relaxing, calming and enjoyable, as we never know what wildlife we may see.

I could think of worse places to be.

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