The Big Question: A Motivated & Productive Workforce

02 October 2014

Ed Gooderham answers this week’s Big Question from the South Wales Argus:

New research has shown that tidy, modern offices with views over greenery help make the workforce more motivated and more productive. We know not everyone has an office which fits that bill so this week we are asking – how do you make sure your workforce is happy, motivated and productive?

“We are lucky enough to be surrounded by greenery at our new premises, Pembroke House, but we believe that key to our happy workforce is our emphasis on the importance of work-life balance, with a 35 hour working week, flexitime, and overtime actively discouraged.

Communication also plays an important role – and it’s a two way thing. Nick and I, Directors, involve our staff in our vision for the business, so that we are all united in working towards the same goal. In turn, we regularly consult our staff and value their ideas.

We offer a forward-thinking benefits package and reward scheme that demonstrates how much we value our staff, but most importantly, we try to make Green & Co a fun, relaxed and friendly place to work, with team building days, charity events and an atmosphere which encourages staff to socialise with and support one another.

The happiness and wellbeing of our staff is very important to us at Green & Co, as we find a happy workforce is a productive one, and this year, we achieved Investors in People Gold accreditation. This achievement demonstrates our desire to deliver a first class service for our staff and our clients and our dedication to continuous improvement.”

Read here what other businesses answered.

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