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Heath Vets director, Gavin Hill-John, didn’t know about the missed potential with tax saving strategies in the family business until he met Green & Co partner, Ed Gooderham. His employment and remuneration approach meant he was missing out on tax free income, so when the opportunity arose, he jumped at the chance of instructing Green & Co as his accountant.

Heath Vets Business Grows by over 100% while using Green & Co.

About Heath Vets

Heath Vets is an established practice in Cardiff who provide the best possible care for pets. They invest a considerable amount of time and effort in the development of their staff so they can provide the best experience to their customers. Their team are highly experienced and deal with complex clinical cases, as well as, day to day medical issues. Gavin Hill-John was a director between 2014 and 2017 and a shareholder from 2015 to 2017.


Unknown Strategy Limits Remuneration Until meeting Ed, Gavin was unaware of any issues with his current business arrangement. As a director of Heath Vets, he was neglecting tax saving opportunities that could benefit both himself and the business.

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During a group discussion at a networking event, Ed highlighted a strategy which was not currently being implemented by Gavin. After a free initial meeting, Gavin believed that Green & Co could really make a difference to Heath Vets, so on his recommendation, the family business became a client.

Through regular meetings, business and personal goals and objectives were set whilst also ensuring the business was running in the most tax efficient way. One of the changes included converting Gavin from an employee to a shareholder.


Hill-John Sees Huge Growth with Green & Co
Gavin is a true entrepreneur and credits Green & Co for aiding his success. He was delighted to learn that changing his accountant had led to a 15% increase to his net pay, a growth in the business of over 100%, and a 300% return on his investment in the business on sale

Since the sale of Heath Vets, Gavin has continued his entrepreneurial journey, with his newest venture as owner of networking giant for the whole of South Wales, BNI.

Heath Vets exit strategy case study
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They ensure my growth plans are realistic

For me, the difference in working with Green & Co is the constant help and support, helping me to ensure my growth plans are realistic; so when I’m making those business decisions that allow me to grow, I know I am making the right decision.”

With their help and strategic planning, we were able to grow Heath Vets by over 100%.

Simply the best accountants around. Fantastic advice and support. Without them I could not have achieved my business goals or taken advantage of the opportunities presented to me.

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