Benefits of flexi-time for the working parent…

23 September 2013

Juggling home and work life when you have children is one of the most difficult jobs you will have to manage when you are a working parent.

Flexi-time in the workplace makes work life balance so much easier to manage everything that goes on; from meetings in work to meetings at the school; from getting to the school play on time to finishing that last task on time!  Having the option of flexi-time is precious to a working parent and takes the stress away from trying to fit all the important meetings and events into your daily schedule.

The benefit of flexi-time at a last minute request is also a huge weight off your mind when you have a sick child who needs an appointment with the doctor but you also need to be in work.  The advantage of being able to arrive at work an hour late to attend the appointment and pay the time back in your own time is extremely helpful.

Being a full time working parent myself, with the benefit of flexi-time at Green and Co, I am happy at work and happier at home. Flexi-time, I believe, is a bonus for an employee in any business.

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