Document Management System

22 July 2013

The benefits of converting paper documents to electronic are indisputable: there are the green and environment issues, the reduced storage costs, the security aspects of keeping documents safe from fire and water damage. Also beneficial to the flexible running of the business is that employees have access 24/7 to the documents they need to do their work.

Naturally, most accounting firms are extremely interested in the quantifiable, bottom-line numbers that can prove whether a paperless DMS will pay for itself. Considering how much accounting firms use paper, and how much effort is involved with traditional paper-based methods, there are several measurable advantages that a paperless DMS will bring.

  • Historically Green and Co, have used tremendous amounts of paper. The costs of managing and storing all of this can be very expensive for us i.e. having staff go through numerous client files to thin down obsolete years records.
  • Having space to store all hardcopy files.
  • Printing costs, paper, inks etc.
  • When everyone at the firm is using the same DMS, significant cost savings can be found through paperless efficiencies. i.e. reduced administration duties.
  • Another advantage of paperless DMS is the cost reduction involved in securely shredding old files.
  • Often hardcopy files get lost or miss-filed in or around the office, this can be a time-wasting exercise looking for them.

Moving from a paper-based system to a paperless document management system may seem daunting for many but here at Green and Co it has proved very successful.

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