Does your company encourage team building?

05 August 2013

Green and Co see the value in team building and twice a year we put down our pens and calculators and head off to the countryside with boots and rucksacks. We have been spotted Canoeing down the Wye. Horse Riding in the Beacons, Clay pigeon Shooting in Valleys and soon to be seen Quad Biking on the Blorenge!

Recently however, we experienced a team building opportunity from a most unlikely event. We moved offices!! You may be wondering how this ties into team building? Green and Co relocated, lock stock and barrel two miles down the road to our new offices in Llantarnam. Every desk, file, shelf, computer and paper clip had to be moved in a two-day window.

The morning of the move arrived and the epic adventure began, you may be surprised to know that accountants can be very handy with a power tool! (check out the photographs of the move on our Facebook page) At the end of the Friday afternoon we were fully installed in Pembroke House, an achievement only accomplished by the level of teamwork invested in the task.

We all agree that Green and Co have had three team building events this year and for one of them, we didn’t need the boots and rucksacks!!!

Have you considered alternative team building events within your company?

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