Insider | Accountancy Roundtable 2018

09 October 2018

On Friday 14 September 2018, Insider held an accountancy roundtable discussing the increasing demand for value-added advice, potential skills shortages, technology and regulatory change. Here’s what Green & Co’s Ed Gooderham had to say:

Purpose: These are exciting times. We’ll work with clients and there will be less number crunching. We employed a computer programmer to write our own programs, because we wanted to go the advisory route far more than before. Now we do more graphs and additional information for clients, five year goals for every client that we look at every quarter. That is far more exciting than just number crunching.

Variety: More clients outsource payroll than ever before, because they don’t have the in-house skills. We’ll be doing more of the bookkeeping and payroll, and on another level, we’ll be doing more advisory work.

Recruitment: At trainee level, you can get people. But you can’t get skilled people with experience. Either they are in a job and won’t leave, or they have gone into industry. When changes such as Making Tax Digital come in, there is not going to be the work at the bottom.

Working day: The industry has to change. We only work 35 hours a week, because we want people to have a work/life balance.

Find out what the other contributors had to say here.

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Ed Gooderham - Accountancy Round Table

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