New Farm Resilience Scheme Launched

10 August 2016

In conjunction with National Countryside Week, a new support scheme for small farms has been launched by The Prince of Wales.

The Prince’s Farm Resilience Scheme has been developed in response to the vulnerability of small farms in the UK, many of which are under threat due to the current volatility of the industry.  The scheme will offer free business support, one-to-one guidance and practical help to those most in need in farming today.

The Prince himself has expressed concern over the possibility that many small family-run farms are struggling to survive and says this is one of the most far-reaching programs in his Countryside Fund.  Farmers and their families can take advantage of advice on business and lifestyle, as well as attending workshops to better equip them to assess their positions.  Many may have to make potentially life-changing decisions about the future of their businesses if they are to survive, and the scheme aims to provide them with the tools to do so with confidence.

The scheme is set to start bringing small farm businesses on board from September 2016; more information can be found from the Prince’s Countryside Fund.

Please note: This article is a commentary on general principles and should not be interpreted as advice for your specific situation.

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