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We are searching for two Client Managers who understand that accountancy is more than just numbers; it’s about making a difference.

“Helping our clients get more out of their businesses and lives is what Green & Co is here for. That’s our purpose.”

– Scott Harris, Partner

Does it align with how you work? Find out more below. 

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Designed to make the transition from Manager to Partner achievable and well-managed, our carefully construction Program ensures you can make the impact needed whilst putting your stamp on the role.

Partner Recruitment Program - Scott Harris of Green & Co

“The Accountancy firm I worked in previously was a good company which taught me a lot. I liked it there, but the view at the firm was that they couldn’t have too many partners, and I wanted to go to the next level.”

– Ed Gooderham, Partner

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Is our Partner Program the step up your looking for?

Ask yourself the following questions.

  • Do you feel emotionally connected with your client’s success and the positive impact you’ve made on their lives?
  • Do you want a say in developing better strategies and practices?
  • Does the idea of harnessing the talents of experienced professionals to achieve better results excite you?
  • How do you feel about an uncapped earning potential? Would you like the opportunity to grow your future?
  • Do you feel okay with the idea of taking responsibility for big decisions? If you predominantly answered yes, then read on and we well will unpack the opportunity for you.

The Partner Program

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Our Partner Program is a 3-year practical journey, guiding you through the key areas of what it takes to become a successful Partner.

The program is designed to ensure you attain the best exposure to develop your existing skills and knowledge alongside an experienced, award-winning team.

The program has five main elements, which vary in focus as you progress through the years. These elements are:

Systems and processes
Advisory and planning
Practice development
Business development
Leadership and management

Becoming a partner

Wondering what it takes to be a successful Partner?

Every progression to Partner is different.

“As I became aware of the possibilities within Accountancy, I realised I wanted to work in a practice and help people in business like my parents”.

– Scott Harris, Partner

Please read about the journey our partners took to the coveted position here. Concerned that even if you’ve got what it takes, your life will become dominated by work? Find out about our Wellbeing policy here.

Partner Recruitment Program - Nick Park of Green & Co

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Partner Program Support team - Green & Co

Meet your team

Teamwork makes dream work.

We have a highly experienced team who support our Partners.

From tax advisory to IT, our Award Winning team has you covered throughout the Partnership Program and beyond.

Click here for an introduction to just some of the qualified experts you’d work with and who would support you through your Partnership journey.

What our clients say about us

It’s more than just numbers. It’s about making our clients successful in business and life.

We see ourselves as a true partner to our clients. The tax return is just one of the jobs within our overall service.

Gain an insight into the impact you will make on businesses by hearing what our clients have to say about us.

Gain an insight into the impact you will make on businesses by hearing what our clients say about us.

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The Partner Program 

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