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About our Partner Program

When you’re a Partner, you’re in the driving seat. This is why we encourage you throughout your journey to learn, develop and gain confidence in all aspects of the services we offer and the running of the practice.

Throughout your journey, the Partners will monitor your progress through biannual reviews as you progress towards attaining your Practicing Certificate.

The program will allow you to develop your style and approach to the work, giving you greater autonomy, influence, and flexibility, which truly enriches the Partner experience.


What you need

  • ACCA/ICAEW qualification
  • 2-3 years’ post-qualification experience

Year 1 –


At this stage, it’s crucial that you fully understand the fundamental aspects of being a Partner. This will create the best foundation for your success in years to come.

You will spend most of the year working within our accounts team to learn and adopt the firm’s systems and processes.

Alongside this, you will begin to have increased exposure to the other elements of the program and shadowing Partner work in the following areas:

  • Advisory and planning
  • Business development
  • Practice development

Year 2 –


Progressing to the program’s second year will allow you to start implementing the essential skills you’ve attained in the program to date.

Whilst still shadowing the Partners throughout all program elements, your development will be accelerated through greater autonomy over how we approach client work and focusing more on the firm’s running.

New this year, you will be introduced to the leadership and management element of the program. Under this element, we begin to emphasise your soft skills by providing additional training and coaching in areas such as:

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Delegation
  • Presentation
  • Negotiation and influence

Year 3 –


The final year of the Partner Program will consolidate all your learning and put it to the test.

Whilst continuing your work from year two, you will focus more on growing your portfolio of clients with Partner oversight.

For your clients, you will be leading the way under all elements of the program to win new business and provide excellent advice and service to your clients.

On completion of your third year, you should have attained all the relevant experience to apply for your Practicing Certificate.

Once fully certified, you will be promoted to Junior Partner and continue to manage and grow your client portfolio.

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