Landlord, Beware! The Silent Threat Lurking in Your Property Deeds

18 January 2024

Remember Mrs. Peabody, that sweet old lady down the street? It turns out that her charming cottage wasn’t just harbouring memories and vintage teacups – it was a ticking time bomb. A few months back, she received a call, her voice trembling as she recounted how a stranger claimed to have bought her house online. This wasn’t a nightmare; it was property fraud, a silent epidemic preying on unsuspecting landlords like you and me.

It doesn’t have to be Mrs. Peabody. It could be you, losing your investment, your retirement nest egg, to a faceless scammer operating from a dimly lit basement somewhere in the world. Scary, right? But there’s hope. A secret weapon, hidden not in a bank vault but in the quiet efficiency of bureaucracy: free property alerts.

Think of it as a silent guardian angel, watching over your deeds day and night. HM Land Registry, the official record keeper of land ownership, offers this free service that sends email alerts whenever something fishy happens on your property register. A new mortgage application? A change in ownership? You’ll be the first to know, armed with the knowledge to stop any fraudulent activity in its tracks.

“But property fraud is rare, right?” you might ask. Don’t let statistics lull you into a false sense of security. While the odds may seem low, the stakes are anything but. Thanks to these silent alarms, over £100 million has been saved from the clutches of fraudsters in just the past five years. And even one saved property, one protected family, is worth its weight in gold.

Setting up these alerts is easier than baking Mrs. Peabody’s famous apple pie. No tech jargon, no hidden fees, just a simple online form and bam, your properties are under the watchful eye of the Land Registry. Got more than ten? No worries, enlist your trusty family member (think tech-savvy nephew or security-conscious cousin) and double your guard.

But wait, there’s more! This free service isn’t just for registered properties. Those charming pre-1990 cottages, the ones whispering tales of bygone eras, can be brought under the protection of the registry, too. And for an extra layer of security, consider a “restriction on title,” a legal padlock that requires a solicitor’s blessing for any transaction involving your precious brick and mortar.

So, dear landlord, don’t wait for the phone call that chills your blood. Don’t become another Mrs. Peabody. Arm yourself with the knowledge, the tools, and the free, silent guardians offered by HM Land Registry. Take control of your property, your investment, your future. Because in the game of property ownership, awareness is your ace in the hole.

P.S. Sharing is caring! Spread the word, fellow landlords. Let’s build a community of informed, protected property owners, one free alert at a time.

Key Takeaways

1. Protect Your Investments: A free service from HM Land Registry monitors your rental properties for suspicious activity like new mortgages or ownership changes, helping prevent fraud. – Learn More

2. Early Warning System: Get instant email alerts to stay informed and take action quickly if needed.

3. Simple Setup: Create an account and add your properties (up to 10). Family members can even monitor properties for you. – HM Land Registry – Property Alert

4. Unregistered Properties? Act Now: Older properties (pre-1990) or those without mortgages may not be registered. Register them for extra protection.

5. Double Down on Security: Consider a “restriction on title” to require solicitor approval for property transactions, adding another layer of defence.

6. Share the Knowledge: Help fellow landlords stay safe by spreading awareness about this valuable service.

Remember: Free property alerts are a powerful tool for safeguarding your rental investments. Be proactive, set them up today, and protect yourself from silent property fraud.

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Scott Harris FCCA,Director
Property Alerts - Landlord, Beware! The Silent Threat Lurking in Your Property Deeds

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