Whether you are a partnership or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Green & Co provide the support you need to drive your business forward.

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Here for any queries you have

We have a lot of experience in advising partnerships on queries such as:

Do we need a partnership agreement?

Not all partnerships have an agreement, but we can advise you on whether you should have one, according to your individual situation.

When should we incorporate?

We will make clear the benefits and tax implications of operating as a Limited Company, as well as looking at other issues, such as the ability to extract money from the business flexibly.

What is the best way to split profits?

We will advise you on the most tax-efficient way to split profits to suit you and your business.

When do we take on employees?

Green & Co will advise you on the implications of taking on an employee, and can provide you with outsourced services of payroll and auto-enrolment that will save you from the additional administrative burden.

Get specialist advice for a partnership

We are proactive accountants who want to help you succeed, so please contact us to arrange a free initial meeting to discuss your partnership.

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