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Driving your business forward and ensuring its success and profitability is of paramount importance to us at Green & Co. One of the most important ways we help you achieve this success is through our business planning expertise.

By working with us on your business plans, you will be able to demonstrate to external investors that you are commercially credible, have a viable business and that you are a reliable business person.

business planning cardiff

Looking for expert advice with business planning to help grow your company?

Access to experience

Our directors meet with you personally to discuss your business ideas in detail, evaluating their potential and advising you on the setting and achieving of yearly goals.


Our directors help you look at new ideas and how to implement them into your business in the most profitable way.

Forecasting the future

We will help you to set realistic financial targets for the future, utilising a graphical forecast of financial performance and cashflow.

Regular reviewing

We help you set and monitor the achievement of your goals, and offer regular meetings to review these targets.

Forward-thinking advice

We ensure you can move on from your business in a way that is most profitable for you (but also good for the company) by putting an effective exit strategy in place.

Our dynamic business planning service has helped many clients to achieve their business goals. Our support and advice throughout the process results in higher rates of success for our clients.

Looking for expert advice with business planning to help grow your company?

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