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cashflow forecasting cwmbran

If your business is having cashflow issues, Green & Co’s cashflow service will ensure that you never find yourself unnecessarily short of cash, which is key for the day-to-day running of your business, both in terms of your current needs as well as in budgeting for the future.

We know that no one can predict the future, but here at Green & Co we can forecast your next financial year, which is an ideal way to prove to banks and other lenders that you can afford to borrow money, and that you are also actively planning your business’s future.

cashflow forecasting cwmbran

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We prepare cashflow statements that clearly lay out your actual cash position, highlighting the difference between your profit figure and what is in your bank account.

Maintain a good cashflow

We will alert and advise you on any risk of cashflow issues so that you can take relevant steps to combat this and feel confident that you can meet any unexpected bills.

Make spending decisions

Making key spending decisions, such as when to purchase new equipment and machinery (or sometimes, more importantly, when not to) will be easier with our cashflow statements and forecasting service.

Raise finance

Our accurate forecast of your expected future cashflow will provide more assurance to lenders when you are trying to borrow money, and should make the process easier for you.


Green & Co provide you with a graphical forecast of expected future revenue, expenditure and cashflow, which will help you with planning your future, decision making and reducing your cashflow issues.

Planning your future

We help you drive your business forward by setting achievable goals, objectives and financial targets based on the forecast and your ideas for the future of your business.

Decision making

Making key decisions in the running of your business can be made easier by using the forecasted figures in budgeting processes, monitoring the progress of your business.

Reducing cashflow issues

You will reduce the risk of any cashflow issues by being more aware of your financial position at any point during the year.

Contact us to find out how our service can benefit you

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