Auto Enrolment

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All UK employers are required, by law, to enrol their workforce in a workplace pension scheme by their ‘staging date’. For most new employers with less than 30 employees, this date will be between November 2015 and February 2018. Here at Green & Co, we can easily explain and help you with every step of the process, alleviating the burden on you as an employer.

auto enrolment cardiff

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Initial assessment and planning

We perform an assessment of your workforce and their auto-enrolment status, identify your official staging date, and work with you to ensure the necessary systems and procedures for your pension scheme are in place by that date.

Impact advice

We also ascertain the cost of the employer contribution, explaining to you the cashflow implications and advising you on how best to minimise the costs and disruptions to your business.

Pension scheme provider

We ensure that you have all the information you need about which schemes are appropriate for you.


We deal with the pension contributions in the most tax-efficient manner, deducting the relevant pension contributions via the payroll. We also deal with the three year review of those employees who have taken the decision to opt out.


We provide all statutory worker correspondence and maintain all relevant records as required by the Pensions Regulator. We can also produce the necessary reports for your pension provider, and submit them directly if and when necessary.

Contact us about our auto enrolment and payroll services

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