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Corporate restructuring

How best to restructure your business is a big decision, but here at Green & Co we can help you to find the most cost-effective and tax-efficient way to do it.

We provide advice and tax planning on the following areas:

Mergers and acquisitions

We will ensure maximum mitigation of capital and other taxes that may arise on corporate and business reorganisations, including mergers, demergers and acquisitions.
We provide tax advice on retirement and succession plans, ensuring that you incur as little tax as possible, and can help you formulate an exit strategy for any future disposal of your business.

Share ownership

We give clear and comprehensive advice on share ownership schemes and tax-efficient remuneration if you are considering share ownership for your employees with a view to retaining good and loyal staff. We also provide tax advice on the purchase of your own shares and company share capital reduction.

Group structures

We will help you find the most tax-efficient corporate or group structure to suit you and your long term goals.

We will also deal with:

  • Obtaining all necessary tax clearances
  • Fulfilling your tax reporting requirements.

Whatever your corporate restructuring needs, Green & Co can provide you with excellent, tax-efficient advice. Please contact us to arrange a free initial meeting.

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