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Making annual returns (PIIDs) of all expenses payments and benefits can be a time-consuming exercise that can also prove extremely costly if you get it wrong. Green & Co can complete these for you with our comprehensive and confidential PIID service.

Do I need to make an annual return (PIID)?

You will need to make an annual return if:

  • you reimburse employees or directors for expenses incurred, business or otherwise
  • you provide benefits to employees or directors
  • third parties pay expenses or provide benefits by virtue of their employment with you.

Green & Co can help you with:

Tax-efficient benefits

We will advise you on the most tax-efficient way to provide benefits, ensuring that employees receive the maximum benefit from the money spent on their remuneration and benefit package, and assist you with compiling employee benefits and expenses payments.

National Insurance Contributions

We deal with the National Insurance (NI) consequences of the benefits provided, as most benefits will attract either a Class 1 or 1a National Insurance contribution (NIC) charge.

Company cars

We will give you expert and up-to-date advice on the most tax-efficient company cars.

Statutory deadlines and compliance

Our knowledgeable team will prepare and submit all the necessary documents online, including form PIID, and will also advise you on the detailed records which need to be kept.

We can deal with the growing complexity of taxation and employment legislation for you, so contact us to arrange a free initial consultation.

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