trusts south wales

You should be considering setting up a trust if you are looking to give income to a beneficiary but still own the asset and protect the capital; pass on shares that you hold in a family company to the next generation; pass down assets to the next generation but still receive the income or remove assets from your estate but still retain control over it. Trusts are an extremely flexible means of directing income for different beneficiaries, and we are able to advise you on how they can be used to save tax and provide other benefits for your family.

trusts south wales

Looking into possible trusts for your family? Get in touch

Tax-efficient options

We will advise you on the most tax-efficient trusts to suit your purpose, from Life Interest Trusts to Discretionary Trusts.

Utilising important tax reliefs

We will give you proactive advice on the best available tax reliefs to be used in conjunction with trusts, such as Business Property Relief.

Inheritance tax

If you are concerned about the Inheritance Tax which might be due on your Estate, we can help you maximise your entitlement to Inheritance Tax Business Property Relief, or reduce the value of your Estate. We also offer a specialist fixed-fee Inheritance Tax and Estate Planning service.

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Looking into possible trusts for your family? Get in touch

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