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If your business is Value Added Tax registered, then you must charge VAT on all your taxable sales. You are also entitled to claim back most of the VAT that you are charged by your suppliers. A standard rate of 20% applies to the majority of goods and services.

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vat south wales

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Whether you are over the VAT threshold and need to register for VAT, or are considering registering even though you are under the threshold in order to boost your profits and give your business the appearance of being bigger, we can take on the administration of this for you.


We keep records of your income and expenditure throughout the year, accounting for VAT, and also submit your VAT returns when necessary. These provide you with a summary of your VAT for that period.

Record Keeping

We will advise you on the records you need to keep, helping you stay on top of your tax points (the date a transaction takes place for VAT purposes) so that your transactions are allocated to the correct VAT period and VAT return.

Annual Accounting

For business owners wishing that VAT was paid monthly instead of quarterly, Green & Co can provide expert advice on the suitability of the annual accounting scheme for your business.

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Cash Accounting

If you are a small business with cashflow concerns, the cash accounting scheme is a useful tool that Green & Co can advise you on and help you to implement.

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Flat Rate

For businesses wanting to reduce the administrative burden felt when operating VAT, the flat rate scheme could be advantageous, and Green & Co can assess and advise you on whether this scheme is the best course of action for you and your business.

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We will also deal with…  Partial exemption and de minimis. We can assist you in ensuring that the many VAT implications that arise with the sale of properties, construction of new builds and barn conversions are dealt with effectively and professionally, along with issues relating to multiple dwellings and the option to tax.

Looking for assistance with your VAT?

Useful tools

We have developed a selection of free online tools to help our clients get the financial advice and tools they need. These include our tips to ensure your business thrives, as well as our income tax calculator. We pride ourselves on supporting our clients whenever and wherever we can and aim to constantly improve our service offerings.

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