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new builds south wales

Are you wondering if VAT is charged when you are buying or selling a new building? Or perhaps you are unsure whether you can claim a refund if you build it yourself?

Green & Co can answer all of your queries and help you to reduce your VAT or reclaim it. We have years of experience and expertise in handling VAT on new builds.

new builds south wales

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Qualifying conditions for VAT zero-rating

We can ensure that the correct VAT rate is used, assessing whether you meet the necessary criteria to be zero-rated for VAT. This depends on whether your property qualifies as a single dwelling or as multiple dwellings.

Zero-rating invoices

We provide expert guidance on whether invoices can be zero-rated – a complicated area that needs careful attention. We can ensure that, wherever possible, your contractors zero-rate invoices.

Reclaiming VAT on materials

We will help you to identify whether you are eligible to reclaim VAT on materials, making sure that you receive the maximum refund available using the DIY House builders Scheme.

Have a query regarding VAT and new builds? Get in touch

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