Would you consider yourself to be a positive thinker?

14 October 2013

Life is full of two types of people, those who think positively and those who think negatively, which one are you?

We all have negative situations in our lives and it would be foolish for anyone to say they are always positive in every situation.

Being positive does not mean ignoring the negative, being positive means overcoming the negative

When confronted with a problem it is so easy  to focus on how you have failed in that situation.

During the snow that we encountered earlier in the year I had a conversation with a good friend who said all he  could  see that morning was that he was going to miss a very important meeting and that there was a mountain of paperwork on his desk. He had two choices that day, to remain negative and frustrated or make the best of a bad situation.  Instead of  focusing on the missed meeting and paperwork he decided to make the most of an unscheduled days play with his children. They built the biggest snowman you can imagine and his children went to bed that night happy and contented to have had a ‘snow day’ with dad!  The meeting was rearranged and the paperwork just waited another day.  Had he not made the conscious decision to turn the negative into positive, the day would have ended differently  for everyone.

The first step in changing negative thinking is to become aware of it. For many of us, negative thinking is a bad habit – and we may not even know we’re doing it!

Next time you find yourself  faced with a situation beyond your control try using the ‘snow day’ mentality and turn it into a positive.

The bad news is that negativity can spread like the common cold, the good news is that unlike the common cold, negativity has a cure….  It’s called positivity and it can spread equally as quickly, why don’t you give it a try??

Please note: This article is a commentary on general principles and should not be interpreted as advice for your specific situation.

Image courtesy of aopsan at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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