Year End Tax Planning

13 March 2017

The end of the tax year is fast approaching, but there is still time before 5 April to save tax for 2016-17. Below are some points you may wish to consider.


Businesses may be able to write off the cost of capital assets by making the most of capital allowances. The Annual Investment Allowance allows businesses to claim a deduction of up to £200,000 of the year’s investment in plant and machinery (with the exception of cars). Most business structures can make use of the AIA.


Individuals may invest up to £15,240 for the current tax year. A saver may only pay into a maximum of one cash ISA, one stocks and shares ISA and one innovative finance ISA per year. Savers have until 5 April 2017 to make full use of their 2016-17 ISA investment allowance. ISAs can offer a very useful tax-free way to save.


Pension contributions have to be paid by 5 April 2017 for them to be relieved against 2016-17 income. Annual contributions cannot exceed the greater of £3,600 (gross) or the amount of your UK relevant earnings eligible for tax relief. However, the contributions are subject to the annual allowance, currently £40,000. This is further reduced for those with net income of over £110,000 and adjusted annual income (i.e. your income plus both your own and your employer’s pension contributions) over £150,000. For every £2 of adjusted income over this figure, a person’s annual allowance is reduced by £1 (down to a minimum of £10,000).

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Please note: This article is a commentary on general principles and should not be interpreted as advice for your specific situation.

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